We can make one-off parts for parts that can be machined and cut from parts such as automobiles and motorcycles to industrial equipment parts. It is possible to produce without drawing.

For individual customers. Making only one custom-made product is inevitably more expensive than mass-produced products sold at home centers. If you understand and tell us your budget when you contact us, you may be able to make suggestions.

  • We respond to requests for the following one-off parts production.
  • I want to restore and manufacture scrap parts
  • I’m thinking of selling original products and want to produce small prototypes
  • I want to manufacture customized parts for cars and motorcycle parts such as race teams
  • I want to produce special fixtures, decorations, etc. in an advertising agency.


Brake adapter for racing cart

Brake adapter for racing cart

Material A2017 Blue anodized treatment
One-off parts for transplanting brake assemblies from other manufacturers

Aluminum Custom drum frame

Sketch / design / processing / assembly based on conventional products

Aluminum Custom drum frame for individual users

Sample product

I tried to cut faithfully based on the contour data of Mt. Fuji

Fusion360 logo

Produced with Fusion360 logo “F” as a key holder

A5052 4x25x35
A smooth curved surface was reproduced, and the pitch of the ball end mill was adjusted to appeal the cutting process, so that the cutting marks were noticeable. Combined machining program with CAM function of Fusion360 and mass produced 450 pieces. The finished product was distributed to visitors at the Fusion360 Academy and received favorable reviews.

Metal 3D printing Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS)

This is an aluminum DMLS boss prototype installed on a rotating shaft. Since the bottom surface of the part that is screwed to the boss at 18 locations is a cubic surface, it is expected to be difficult to manufacture by aluminum cutting, and it was manufactured by DMLS.

In recent years, due to advances in 3D printing technology, aluminum parts manufactured with DMLS, which laser-sinters aluminum powder, can be manufactured as parts with excellent mechanical properties equivalent to aluminum machined parts.

Based on other aluminum sample parts manufactured by DMLS, we discuss with customers that there are no problems with strength, tapping, etc., and create a 3D model → DMLS parts manufacturing → tap processing (manual work) . Product size Φ44 × L44 mm