Our field of expertise is aluminum plate processing and aluminum trial processing that are machined from aluminum squares and plates, but we have many achievements in plastics and glass other than aluminum. If there are parts to be processed in combination with metal processing, you can throw a bunch of drawings and we will make a close interaction and contact you.

  • High-efficiency machining using an ultrasonic spindle
  • We will respond from 1 piece in a short delivery time


Glass cutting

Glass cutting using an ultrasonic spindle

High-efficiency and high-quality processing is possible by applying fine vibrations by ultrasonic waves in the vertical direction. Not only will the machining quality be improved, but the tool life will be dramatically increased.

CFRP sample

CFRP sample processed products

All elements of screw processing, contouring processing, fine hole processing, grooving and cutting are incorporated.
CFRP t20.0x100x200

Chemical analysis instrument parts

Chemical analysis instrument parts

PP (polypropylene) 25x56x125
Machining center using 3 axis simultaneous control, M38xP1 screw machining maintains stable quality

Printer parts

Printer parts

Brass Φ2.5 × 100
Diameter 1mm Length 5mm About 5mm, press-fit with E-ring while shrinking.

Communication equipment parts

Communication equipment parts

Oxygen-free copper 20x42x125
It was quick delivery projects speed corresponding with the use of 3D data

SUS parts

SUS parts SUS303 Φ20×45

Used for assembly line equipment. This is an example of machining using the A axis