I will guide you through this factory.

It is the entrance. We keep goldfish in a fishbowl.

When entering from the entrance, first the aquarium … Our president likes the breeding of small creatures.

Beyond the aquarium is a meeting table. The meeting was held in an Ochair designed by Karim Rashid.

A hand is on the table … We try to make a thing based on new and interesting technology.

Also next to the aquarium … Aluminum chocolates and calculators …

This is an exhibition corner for sample aluminum machined products.

Machining centers are lined up and everyone is working.

In the modeling and programming space, CAD data is received from the design room, and CAM programming and machining simulation are performed.

Hundreds of items and thousands of end mills and drills necessary for processing are available.

We perform quality inspection with a CMM.

We are promoting multi-skilled engineering and creating a flexible work system.

Assembly space in a separate building.

Meeting space in the assembly building. The processing plant is running a little noisy, so here is the meeting.

In the design room, designers use SOLIDWORKS and Fusion360 for mechanical design.

We have lunch in the Eames chair in the office.

This wall clock is an original made by adding groove processing to our aluminum breadboard and screwing the M6 ​​cap bolt into the accent. The blue needle is a commercially available product.

We love shaping new ideas. Please consult us.