Mission is to fulfill Only One needs
Each and every one

Against the backdrop of rapidly changing economic conditions, customers (companies, research institutes, universities, individuals, etc.) are seeking unique needs-Only One needs-that are not uniformly mass-produced products.

We believe that our mission is to commercialize the individual needs of each individual-the Only One needs-as concrete clues.

The keys to fulfilling this mission are human resources and networks. A few skilled technicians who are familiar with the integrated manufacturing process of design-> precision machining-> assembly are “human resources,” and are our most important asset. They have a challenging spirit and are rewarding and enjoyable in devising processes and methods for catalyzing difficult needs.

We are also pleased to communicate thoroughly with our customers and to grasp the true value they seek. In addition, we will back up the realization of a wide range of “network” difficult needs with our subcontractors.

These products are filled with all our ideas. This is our strength and the driving force. Taking advantage of this driving force, we discuss and think about what customers have been giving up with difficulties, and provide products that meet Only One needs.

Narahara Auto Technical Co., Ltd.
CEO Shinji Uchino