Our Mission

Being a company that is strongly needed by customers, partner companies, business partners, employees, and everyone around us.

Company Profile

Company name Narahara Auto Technical Co., Ltd.
Location 594, Naraharacho, Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan 193-0803, Tokyo [ MAP ]
TEL: 042-625-6711 FAX: 042-625-6864
E-mail info@narahara-at.jp
Establishment May 1972
CEO Shinji Uchino
Capital 10 million yen
Number of employees 7
Factory site 1150 square meters
Factory building 300 square meters
Business description Manufacture and sale of optical aluminum breadboard
precision cutting of various aluminum alloys and plastics
according to ultra-precision high-speed spindle fine cutting
labor saving automatic equipment design and manufacture
design support workpiece-assembly of a material selected


May 1972 Established in the current address mainly for labor-saving automatic equipment design and manufacturing
September 1985 Completed assembly plant on the same site
January 1991 Installed machining center (Hitachi Seiki VK-55)
May 1995 Increased capital to 10 million yen
February 2000 Commenced commercialization and sales of aluminum breadboard
April 2002 Installed ultra-precision high-speed spindle and started micromachining business
March 2000 Commenced commercialization and sales of aluminum breadboard
February 2005 Completely renovated processing plant
August 2005 Launched commercialization and sales of ES breadboard
October 2006 Installed high-speed spindle machining center (Okuma MB-56VA)
October 2007 Introduction of CAD / CAM (Master CAM)
May 2010 Installed non-contact 3D image measuring instrument (Mitutoyo QV-404)
April 2011 Complete renovation of assembly factory and office
November 2012 Installed high-speed spindle machining center (Okuma MB-56VA)
December 2013 Introduction of small machining center (FANUC ROBODRILL)
December 2013 Introduction of ultrasonic spindle
December 2013 Installed Design CAD (Solid Works)
February 2014 Established Product Development Department Starts own brand “NA” design business
March 2014 Installed 3D coordinate measuring instrument (ZEIZZ DURA MAX)
November 2015 Received an incentive award at the Tokyo Metropolitan Management Innovation Plan Excellence Award
February 2016 Hachioji City Manufacturing Industry Award
March 2016 Installed high-speed spindle machining center (Okuma JENOS)
May 2016 Additional design rooms
February 2017 Parking lot expansion work completed
December 2018 “NA”design product adopted as a return item for Hachioji City’s hometown tax payment system
April 2019 Installed 3D CAD CAM Fusion360

Awawrd History

The management plan and achievements were highly praised and received awards from Tokyo and Hachioji City!

Received 2015 Tokyo Management Innovation Plan Encouragement Award
2015 Hachioji City Manufacturing Industry Award