Idea. We often hear that, but what is an idea? You may think that it is only fancy in our mind. But ideas mean “things for solving problems”. Ideas are also called “new combinations with existing elements”, that is, the idea of “how can we improve better” in the current situation.

In manufacturing, ideas are always needed. Because there are always challenges.

Scenes where ideas are required – We cannot process!

There are several patterns of “cannot be processed” in manufacturing.

Processing is difficult!

When processing is really difficult, for example, drilling very thin and deep holes, precision is needed for machining very small parts.

Not enough delivery time!

Next, if the delivery date is not in time. It is when you can process, but you cannot do it on time.

Cost does not match!

The most common problem is cost. If you have plenty of time and budget that is difficult.

And when you need an idea, it ‘s exactly when the costs don’t fit! Even in such a case, we will make flexible proposals using ideas, such as changing the processing method and redesigning as necessary .

Glass bead blasting.

Φ0.65 ± 0.02 × 3mm pin shaving. 500 processing. Glass bead blasting.
The initial request was to drill 1100 holes in the plate and press-fit 1100 pins with a diameter of 0.05 mm and a length of 8 mm. By realizing everything by machining aluminum, the cost has been significantly reduced (1/3 of the initial cost).

Proposed change of processing method, cost reduced to 1/3

All holes are within ± 0.005 tolerance. The initial request is a through hole with a diameter of 0.2 mm. We suggest 70% (0.7mm) of the plate thickness to be punched by 0.5mm and drilling 0.2mm. The customer’s intended purpose has been achieved, the processing time is fast and the cost is low.

Being a factory that can develop ideas

An idea is a solution to a problem for manufacturing. Considering the ability to make proposals to customers, we value the following.

Having both design and manufacturing sites is important

Design is a work that considers the appearance and functions of products, but how can the concept in your head be actually processed at the manufacturing site? A good design cannot be made without knowing of manufacturing. For example, if the designer has an clear image of cutting with that machine in the spesific factory, they can make a design that will lead to cost reduction.

Even manufacturing sites cannot propose improvement measures without knowing what the parts are used for. In a simple example, a drawing with chamfering designation for the entire circumference of a square part, part of it was incorporated into another part, so there was no need for chamfering. We have both design and manufacturing sites, and we think that the source of ideas will be created by feedback of information .

It ‘s important to try to make something in real

Should I do this? I want to do this. It ‘s important to try when you think. If you try it out, you will notice that it doesn’t work as you thought. We value “ creating things based on ideas ” and encourage designers and manufacturers to embody small improvements.

Expansion plate for in-house 3D coordinate measuring instrument

Expansion plate for in-house 3D coordinate measuring instrument

Although the working range is 500 x 500, it is possible to measure a part of a large workpiece and to easily clamp a jig.

Design and manufacture wagons for internal use

Design and manufacture wagons for internal use

A commercially available aluminum frame is used and the top plate uses an aluminum checker plate. It is a material that is difficult to scratch.

Vice handle

Vice handle

The genuine handle is large in size, and if you do not remove it during processing, you cannot move the machine, and you cannot turn it easily. So we made a handle that was easy to handle.

Experience is important, but not too important

Manufacturing tends to be conservative anyway. No one wants to fail, so we want to choose to repeat past successful experiences . If you know what you can do, you can of course do that, but that doesn’t broaden your thinking.

New technologies and new ideas are always developed in the world. In fact, there are many things that end only with trends, but try new ideas. Then decide if it’s useful or not. I think it is very important to be in such a stance.