We deliver reliable products through thorough quality control.

We have established a quality control system, such as dimensional checks and defective product inspection, to provide customers with manufacturing that meets the required quality.

Acceptance inspection

  1. Acceptance of materials: Checks for scratches and dents by visual inspection, confirms the size with calipers, and confirms the material with a material delivery slip.
  2. Outsourced products, acceptance after surface treatment: Inspect whether the specifications are met.

In-process / interim inspection

  1. Inspect each process based on work instructions. When the number of production lots is small, inspection is performed for the first, middle, and later, and for those with large production lots, inspections are performed according to the number of times.
  2. The inspection document describes the tolerance of the dimensions, and the workers in each process inspect and sign.

Final inspection before shipping

  1. Inspection process for the purpose of checking the quality of finished products. All of the inspections are inspected, and the dimensional tolerances are sampling inspections based on production lots or customer specifications

Inspection Equipment

3D coordinate measuring instrument

3D coordinate measuring instrument

Mitutoyo QV-404 PRO

3D image measuring machine

3D image measuring machine

ZEIZZ Dura Max


Micrometer, caliper, screw gauge, pin gauge, block gauge, height gauge, depth micro, etc.